Stilled chaos (psychology )


Saying to social attitude

You may disbelief something . That doesn’t mean the subject is less of importance. Staying in social life you may dislike few customs ,then taking part in such activities are never a loss while you get yourself educated how to enjoy vibration of togetherness. Otherwise different taste of life will be out of reach in suppression.Something is disliked not necessary be hateful. Keeping away myself because i don’t believe- creates hatred explanation. Better to enjoy togetherness of any custom’s while this is best part of being social. Especially when these are not harmful physically and mentally.



How do you wish me?

In no name corner tiny

Land nothing to give lights or


How you would wish me?

Silence is dishonour when you

Are not deity i am not devotee

How do you wish me?

In your closet or open sky

A name or shadow

How do you wish me ?

A hidden shame or pride of

Cosmic present

How do you wish me ?


light of that phantom

A nuclear centre is wish giver

Honour is in gratitude in

Soft bow to chariot

How do you wish me ? How

Much you know ? How much

Your capacity to hold a bliss

Of cosmos!


Philosophy of Life

You have whole universe. I have one cottage. I am closing main door now or sooner. You stay alone.

Why you have created me? Now i am delighted to say, I wouldn’t play your game. You are running after me. Yes. Its just not surprising.

Nothing can beat hunger power and suffering of humanity. Until the end of civilisation. Try dear try. That is what you are made by.

Four decades crossed. I see River never turns backward. Does it?

One known path is easy to self risk . Unknown risk is magnetic.

What divinity decides, i must wait.

Bored, tired but mid journey is getting interesting.

Clear crystal cracked . Was costly.

Forest is amethyst.

Midnight music. Divine paths awaits.

Who reads unspoken star’s splashing notes on dark paper sky are temple owners.

By :LityMunshi

(Photography from Google)