Poetry of life’s philosophy


Midnight drops and rainy song

Being author i have now different way to look at surrounding where i belong. I loved life each day and night in rich expectation none other than to me only. Once times passed i grew in to different views and experiences. So many memories about young early time when i hardly could rectify the meaning of being in love. Little love and i am the only one “- this much dream we each woman is carrying in her heart from doll house play time . Things has opposite views now. Nothing is like i had asked for. All i have never imagine even . Perhaps no idea about life kept me blind to stick to my own imagination and simple life. After long when i loved someone i saw i am getting hurt by him. Almost the feeling of live was pulling me in blue harsh death . I try not to die alive everyday but failed as this is only feeling i have claiming mine. Midnight comes and goes.Midnight will come and delete into next morning. My wishes to have simple straight love from one person, is a biggest laughter i have collected in my bag. Whatever it is, i must say i missed in this life.

Midnight this is. Fewer vehicles are passing on far highway. No horn is calling. Thought today i will not post a blog further. But midnight song in silence and heavy rain drops on various metallic terrace covers, is inspiring me like a failure in life exam. Midnight song is beating with rain drops saying something openly . I am only one who is awake and remembering her dreams into yesterday’s noon time. I loved one in such time- i knew nothing i am going to achieve other than rocks and dust or sand for me. I loved midnight because midnight is real . Comes dearly in emptiness. Comes in loneliness. Above all symphony of midnight makes me angle of dreamy awaken nights . Rotten words kills people . Fresh hope in dreams kills fear . Romance with my heart has brings unknown face in my eyes as i close and dipped in sleeps for few hours. Midnight is romantic. Midnight has dates with night wild flowers and bright stars though cloud covers for few years. I am going to lie now . I am going to say – ‘ lity i am fine”. But non existing image of life in love around music of raining pouring heavy heart. sky right there has stories in stores in few decades unbearable spoken folks. Such folks are no one listening . Midnight and sky has different life’s saying. One midnight and rain i am feeling sleepy who knows unknown unseen love might visit me soon i go to sleep land in my world.


Our skills

We know what we are .we know how to make maximum of us. We know when to look for help. We know what is our goal. We know our every single skill is our tool. We know we have to adopt and compromise whether we like or dislike. We know nothing we can force to be . We know making our vision clear we need to plan and act over.We know success is random work.